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With over 10 years of experience in the AML/CFT space, we have lived through the challenges and know how to find optimal solutions.

We want a safer society as you do to. We need to do this together as for a long time all our efforts across the Financial Institutions, has been in silos. Using technology and human expertise, we want to complement each other and break these silos. If you want to get a look and feel of how we achieve that, we can setup a demo of our solution Alexis.

Connecting ML/TF investigations


Abhishek Dwivedi


Our founder has over 16 years of experience in the heart of AML/CTF domain. He started as a data-miner and implemented monitoring solution for ABN AMRO EMEA region. Later, he assisted ING and Rabobank in standardizing and enhancing their Transaction Monitoring program.

With an experience of assisting more than 50 countries he can innovate and standardize at the same time, keeping financial crime prevention at the heart. He founded Regxsa to achieving this goal at a much larger scale.

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+31 650 437240

If you would like to arrange a demo of Alexis, please feel free to reach out.