SaaS platform to reduce ongoing ML/TF risks

Breaking silos in the ML/TF investigation. Alexis raises the bar for Financial Institutions by learning from each other and fight this crime together.
Learn, Act and Share… these are the three core principles this SaaS platform is built up on. Alexis brings outside information in, such as exposure of FI’s portfolio to known schemes or regulatory fines etc. Such outside information assists in getting back in control. Imagine a periodic delivery of the right tools for boosting your investigation process, features which are only a notification away. Alexis makes this happen using a rich marketplace of features (we call it Alexis Library).
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Connects Investigators

Break your investigation silos. Expertise (in the form of product features) are shared across connected clients, boosting the capabilities of ML/TF investigators. Alexis is scalable and introduces enhancements instantly.
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Offers ML/TF risk overview

Get a holistic ML/TF risk overview of your exposure to recent fines imposed on other institutions or ML/TF schemes which have been exposed outside. Regulators appreciate being pro-active in monitoring and decision making.
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Brings awareness

Regulatory assessments are primarily focused on finding out vulnerabilities. Alexis will assists you in digging out such vulnerabilities in your portfolio, before the regulator does and helps in periodically assessing and keeping track – giving back control.

Alexis platform

Where does Alexis fit?

AML/CTF monitoring, detection and prevention is a wide scope. We have created our own niche segment and fit in the investigations area. Our focus on ML/TF investigation helps us to offer a targeted solution to this community and connect them across silos.

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How Alexis breaks silos?

Connecting the ML/TF investigator community is our primary ambition. Our in house experts continuously dig out best practices around investigation. In addition, our client requests are accommodated as new features. We make sure all our connected clients get the benefit of such feature enhancements instantly. Joining our hands together and fighting this crime is more important than ever. Alexis makes this happen!

Periodically enhanced

- using expertise from Regxsa experts

- using regulatory fines relevant to your business

- using best practices from connected FI's 

Alexis - Breaking silos

Features delivered automaticallly

Alexis - Building blocks

How Alexis empowers investigators?

Alexis library is periodically enriched with investigation best practices, latest ML/TF fines and known schemes. Every connected client can pick and chose what suits their needs. Your very own marketplace!

Alexis - the enabler

How you gain control?

Financial Institutions are exposed to risk and vulnerabilities on a continuous basis. This is due to the fact that new clients are onboarded, new products are issued, business is expanded to new geographies etc. All these “new” elements introduce an added baggage to the risk profile. A one off assessment is not enough. Alexis ensures you are on top of the game and more importantly “in control”. Alexis highlights latest trends, recently released regulatory fines etc. on your portfolio and an ability to continuously monitor the risk progression over time. Our belief is that without comparison any assessment is incomplete and hence different modules of Alexis allow you just that!
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Why wait?

We publish regular ML/TF updates, bringing regulatory fines/news etc. from around the world. This will help you in fight against bad elements. Subscribe and you will receive email updates on a weekly basis!