SaaS platform to reduce ongoing ML/TF risks

Regxsa has introduced a cloud based AML/CTF investigation platform, named Alexis. Using this platform we aim to break investigation silos across Financial Institutions. Alexis will help in revealing insights not seen by investigators currently. In addition to that we bring outside information in, such as exposure of FI’s portfolio to known schemes or regulatory fines. Such outside information assists in getting back in control.
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Brings awareness

Regulatory assessments are primarily focused on finding out vulnerabilities. Alexis assists in digging out such vulnerabilities before the regulator does and helps in periodically assessing and keeping track – giving control.
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Offers ML/TF risk overview

Get a holistic ML/TF risk overview based on recent fines imposed on other institutions or ML/TF schemes which have been exposed outside. Regulators appreciate for being pro-active in monitoring and decision making.
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Connects Investigators

Investigation expertise across connected clients are shared, bringing out relevant information, boosting the capabilities of investigators. Alexis is scalable and introduces latest enhancements (including threats) very quickly.

Where does Alexis fit?

AML/CTF monitoring, detection and prevention is a large scope. We fit in the investigations area. Connecting the best practices to enhance investigation is where Alexis excels. You will now be two steps ahead going forward.

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How It Works

“Cloud computing is an important enabling technology leveraged by financial institutions to deliver innovative financial products and services”

European Banking Association

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1. Connect

Make a connection to our platform. Alexis being in Cloud supports several ways you can connect to our platform.
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2. Data mapping

Data mapping is a time consuming and difficult exercise. We take the burden off you. Our experts map the data and get your sign-off.
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3. Enrich data

Our team connects existing vulnerabilities, exposures and schemes using your data on the Alexis platform.
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4. Go-live

Assessment / investigations of exposures can start immediately after going live as we look back into the history.