DIA, the Italian Mafia in Spain



The report presented the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department for the first half of 2019 pointed out that increasing globalization has created wide opportunities for Mafia on the global level. The report illustrates the Mafia capacity to penetrate a country’s realm of affairs and fix themselves in the most relevant position where they can accumulate large amount of wealth. Spain became susceptible to the arrival of drugs, cocaine, and Cannabis derivatives from Morocco due to the geographical location of Iberian territory. As part of the operations to eradicate drug trafficking, 2 tons of cocaine was seized at the Genoa Seaport on Jan 23, 2019, investigations revealed that it belongs to a criminal organization known as Gulf Clan. Also, on April 4 2019, a plan to import large quantities of hashish purchased in Morocco into Spain was unveiled and disrupted, after which the arrest of 6 people followed while transporting 460 kg of marijuana and 80kg of hashish.

Investigation also revealed that the murder of a prominent exponent of the Ndrta di San Luca (RC) has links with drug trafficking. The confirmation of the Iberian territory as a vital route for drug trafficking managed by the Ndrangheta was discovered from the Obsession operation, which ended in January 2019. The Vibonese partnership in Lombardy, which also has a presence in Latin America, Holland, Morocco and pain also imported large quantities of cocaine and hashish. The Crotonese Ndrangheta, who has a partnership with Grande Aracri, known to be active in the field of drugs and money laundering. The Stop and go operation which ended in May 2019, also revealed the eagerness of organized crime in the eastern part to engage in Money Laundering.