Corruption Perceptions Index 2019



Transparency International has released its 2019 Corruption Perception Index ranking and it has revealed that corruption tends to be more persuasive in countries where big money flows freely into only during electoral campaigns and where governments listen to the voices of wealthy or highly connected individuals. TI since its inception in 1995 has become the leading global indicator of public sector corruption. The CPI offers an annual snapshot of the relative rate of corruption through the global ranking of countries and territories. TI made a revision in 2012 about the methodology used in constructing its report and output to permit yearly comparison.13 surveys with expert assessments were drawn in 2019 CPI to measure public sector corruption in 180 countries giving each a score from, zero to 100, where zero represents high corruption and 100 represents a very clean system.
New Zealand and Denmark jointly clinch the top spot while Finland sits in the third position. The ranking jointly puts Switzerland, Singapore and Sweden on the 4th scale, Norway occupies the 7th position with the Netherlands sitting at the 8th spot of the rank while Luxembourg and Germany both enjoy the 9th spot. The top-bottom three from the 180 countries have Syria, South Sudan and Somalia respectively. The 2019 CPI finally reveals that over two-thirds of countries alongside many of the world’s most advanced economies are relenting in their fight against corruption.