Australia: Security business acted as a front for $100 million money-laundering syndicate


Following the raid on Assure Protection Services in Guildford by the NSW Criminal Group Squad in July, last year, the sixth person has been charged in connection to the drug investigation which led to the discovery of $100 million money-laundering syndicates. A security business in South-West Sydney allegedly acted as a front to the laundering which was carried out from an organized crime group in Australia and abroad. The police alleged that the security company was partially legitimate but its major function was to act as a front for money laundering. Already, 3 people were arrested and charged in July 2019, another two men were added later until the sixth was arrested and charged in connection to the crime on Wednesday. It was discovered during the raid that police alleged syndicate members collected cash and transferred it to several financial firms to conceal its origin. They would then withdraw the cash at a later day and returned it to the organized crime group.

Investigators have identified Mr. Pahwa and Ms. Dahl as key players in the daily operations of the business and the criminal group and some employees of the firm are ignorant of the criminal acts. Mr. Singh, one of the accused, allegedly deposited huge amount of money up to a total of $445,000, into bank branches in NSW, Victoria and Western Australia, to be remitted to China.