Corona Crimes: Suspect behind €6 million face masks and hand sanitisers scam arrested; thanks to International Police Cooperation


Authorities in Singapore, with the help of EU authorities, have arrested a 39-year old man reported to be involved in money laundering and scam-related email associated with COVID-19. The man, who posed to have a legitimate company has successfully defrauded a French pharmaceutical company of €6.64 million in a deal involving the delivery of FFP2 surgical masks and hand sanitisers. According to a report by Europol, the company sent the money in exchange for the items which were never delivered. The Singaporean authorities initiated investigations into the situation and were able to stop the transfer and arrested the man on March 25. It has become known now that criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to carry out crimes. Knowing this, Law Enforcement workers are taking serious steps against those involved and Europol is working to support them.