FBI Arrests Russian Rapper For Crypto Money Laundering, Cites Damning


Authorities in the United States have arrested rap artist and Russian, Maksim, with allegations that he was involved in money-laundering. They alleged that Maksim laundered money using cryptocurrencies. An FBI Investigator said that Maskim also had a connection with a translational organized crime group called QQAZZ. Investigation revealed that Boiko entered the U.S with $20,000 cash in January 2019, funds, which he claimed were from investments in Bitcoin and rental properties in Russia. The FBI agents arrested him on March 27.

He allegedly operated an account on BTC-e with the email [email protected] and registered with his real name. FBI was able to uncover that he had received $387,964 worth of deposits and had withdrawn 136 BTC. Checking through his Instagram page, the FBI said they found pictures that do not portray him as a legitimate businessman but rather pictures of him holding stacks of cash. He has been scheduled for a detention hearing on April 2.