Germany: Notaries should report suspected money laundering


December 2 2019

In the coming year, the Berlin Senate wants to swiftly implement the money laundering regulations tightened by the European Union (EU). “Germany is so far a money laundering paradise, as the international experts are unfortunately right,” said Justice Senator Dirk Behrendt (Green) the Tagesspiegel. “I assume that the federal government will implement the current EU money laundering guidelines into national law by the end of the year.”

Ultimately, it is up to the federal states how the law will work in practice – and Berlin wants to play a pioneering role according to Behrendt. The three-person task force announced by the senator in the summer is ready to start, Behrendt said, as of January, it should make the Berlin notaries aware of money laundering. Investigators found that clan criminals have bought numerous apartments and houses in Berlin.