Gulnara Karimova Sentenced Again For Corruption, Financial Crimes


Since Karimova was sentenced in March 2019, she went on trial again on January 8; and was declared guilty of extortion, money laundering, misappropriating the property of others, and financial and other crimes, and was given an additional 13 years and four months in prison together with other five defendants. According to the new, Karimova sent a letter to President Shavkat Mirziyoev in February where she offered $686 million for her court case to be dismissed. However, Prosecutor office in Uzbekistan said that the new case for which she received additional jail terms was associated with allegations that she illegally acquired state-owned shares of two cement plants which she later sold to foreign businessmen.

There is also news of her being subject to money-laundering investigations in Sweden and Switzerland. She has been termed a successor of her father who died in 2016. She was placed under house arrest in 2017 and later to jail in 2019after she violated the terms of the house arrest. Also in March 2019, Karimova was named as a part of an international bribery scheme and charged with conspiracy to violate U.S. foreign corruption law.