ICC Qatar: Great success achieved in combating money laundering



The state of Qatar has been lauded by the International Chamber of Commerce Qatar on the success achieved in the fight against money laundering and has subsequently prophesied that 2020 will be vital for Qatar as they await evaluation by the international watchdog aiding in combating money laundering and terrorist financing worldwide, the Financial Action Taskforce.

The Secretary-General of ICC Qatar and Board Member of Qatar Chamber, Dr Khalid Klefeekh Al Hajri while acknowledging the giant strides made by Qatar in combating money laundering and terrorist financing linked the success to the issuance of the laws also stressed the importance of these laws that reflect Qatar’s continued commitment to combating money laundering and terrorist financing in all its forms, in accordance with the latest international standards adopted by major international organizations including Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Qatar’s financial system was protected from the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing due to combined efforts of all competent bodies, ministries and other government agencies that are
members of the National Anti-Money Laundering. This statement comes in the context of announcing a seminar to be organized by the ICC Qatar next week under the title: “The Development in the Fight Against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism”, in collaboration with Refinitiv – the worlds largest provider of financial markets data.