Pakistan: FBR Traces 10,000 people involved in money laundering



About 10,000 people have been identified to be involved in cash transactions and the possibility of money laundering summing up to trillions of rupees in relation to tax evasion. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is also focusing on both National and International Non-profit organizations for the possibility of involvement in money-laundering activities. The body initiated investigations into 36 to 40 cases after receiving complaints about cases of money laundering and terrorist financing. The investigation has been launched in compliance with the Financial Action Task Directive. Several outfits that use NGOs and INGOs were setup in disguise for the purpose of money laundering and the FBR is currently gathering details on them.

The FBR’s Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation (I & I) Inland Revenue has launched a campaign particularly against unregistered tax evaders and registered individuals who do not oblige to the tax requirements. Proper analysis will be done to identify genuine taxpayers and exclude them. As noted by the Directorate General, the scrutiny will focus more on the individual’s transaction huge amount of money, up to billions of rupees but are only paying little as tax. The body therefore, encourages all high-profile individuals to pay their dues in due time to avoid embarrassment.