US: Organizers of high-end Manhattan escort service busted for money laundering



Federal authorities on Tuesday have charged organizers of high-end escort service with an accusation that they were responsible for an operation that involved a transaction of $10 million profit from sex profits to local and foreign bank accounts. It was believed that the VIP escorts encourages its sex-workers to deposit money received for their service to several accounts abroad to hide their identities. This operation led to over $10 million flowing through banks in the U.S and another $1 million to accounts in Israel, and the banks have revealed that most of the money was transferred to business accounts aimed at laundering the proceeds of the VIP escort.

Two suspects Tracy Reynolds, 45, and Izhak Cohen, 53 said they used the proceeds to further promote the VIP Escorts service on a website set up for the purpose. This website included links, pictures, including cities where are available as well as their charges.