AML/CTF investigations

Using our tool, training and threat updates

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Alexis is our cloud-based investigator platform which transforms your AML/CTF alert-handlers into smart investigators. We believe in providing a different perspective to the alert-handlers (top down risk-based approach). Why limit to just alert handling… more updates coming soon.
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ML/TF threats

As the saying goes, criminals are always a few steps ahead. To counter this challenge, we regularly publish latest ML/TF cases from across the world. By subscribing to these updates, you will get all of these and more (such as case studies, regulatory guidance etc.) right in your mailbox.
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We have several years of industry experience in the field of AML/CTF. Our bespoke training packages are offered to meet the growing demand of enhancing the skill levels of different teams involved in the ML/TF detection and prevention (such as alert handlers, scenario developers, audit etc.).


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