AMLabc’s bespoke training

Our ambition is to provide the right tools and training for the investigators and the front line staff who are the “First Line of Defence” against money laundering and terrorism financing.

We have rich and practical experience in the field of ML/TF detection and prevention. Our team has assisted more than 50 countries in improving their monitoring by empowering the staff with relevant knowledge and experience. We tailor make our training programs to suit the our audience as no one is alike, but everyone is smart!

Some of the training programs we have delivered are listed below:

  1. Training for the First Line alert handling team, helping in finding new investigation techniques;
  2. Training for the Front office staff in understanding how criminals behave and abuse relatively non risky products. Empowering the first line of defence more preventive;
  3. Training for the Business Representatives (including Relationship Managers, front office staff etc.), making them aware of the ML/TF threats and how to pro-actively address them;
  4. Training for Scenario/Rule builders. This training is to make the folks aware of the real world risks and help them in incorporating these experiences to improve their detection algorithms.

Some sample training package

These are some of the training packages we have offered in the past. This should give you some idea on what you can expect at the end of such sessions.
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AML Investigators
In depth sessions to sharpen their edges
Your investigators are the biggest shield in making sure ML/TF schemes are handled promptly and effectively. Their role puts them in a hot seat and hence they are always on their toes, catching criminals!
We bring our extensive experience from the latest schemes and techniques the launderers are using lately. Our aim is to make such schemes very simple to understand, conceptually.
We also try to help in improving their efficiency on their day to day tasks while performing their job.
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First Line/Business
Understanding the exposure to ML/TF
Relationship manager and Front Line staff are smart and heavily involved in expanding your business. They are aware of the ML/TF risks, but sometimes things which seem too obvious from a business perspective may turn out to be a sophisticated ML/TF scheme!
This is where we come in. Our expertise in understanding different types of products/business/regulatory regime helps in bringing awareness to your staff. We help them understand how criminals work and always in search of loopholes.
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Scenario/Rule developer
Bringing awareness on why you do what you do!
Scenario or Rule developers are some of the smartest minds you have. These experts help in defining complicated rules/algorithms which help in detecting ML/TF.
In our experience we have seen that these experts sometimes miss the bigger picture about the functional/risk aspect of ML/TF.
We can help you here! Our experience on both sides of the spectrum puts us in a unique position where we can talk to them in their language and broaden their minds to understand the risks any FI is exposed to.

Going social

After the training sessions, I (Abhishek) arranged some social gathering to celebrate the enlightenment of the participants 🙂

As you are aware, the Corona virus crisis has limited any on premise/classroom training. However in this digital age, we will be happy to arrange online training sessions (in a Webinar format) with active participation from trainees.

If you think our expertise can help you achieve your goals in the AML/CTF area, please feel free to reach out to us using any of the contact methods :

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