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Breaking silos within ML/TF investigation community

What are the challenges?

You see what you know.

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No holistic risk overview

There is no continuous and holistic ML/TF risk overview available for key stakeholders. This introduces challenge to drive management decisions. A memo or power point only shows the exposure at a point in time.
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No lessons learned from other exposures

Regulatory fines are imposed almost every month to one or another Financial Institution. Relevant information from such fines and their exposure on the portfolio is not checked periodically. This makes the FI vulnerable.
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Human expertise is not shared

Current investigation capabilities are basic, performed in silos. Human expertise in the ML/TF investigation is disconnected whereas criminals work in an inter-connected network, repeating same offences across FIs.

FI’s have been fined over $3billion in last two years

Having over 50% overlapping issues!

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Regxsa introduces


Assisting key stakeholders in making informed decisions by connecting investigator community, Alexis raises the bar of ML/TF investigations.

Cloud based SaaS

Alexis is a cloud based solution, taking ML/TF investigations to the next level. We use best in class technology to offer a service which compliments human intelligence.

Breaking silos

By publishing investigation best practices and latest innovations across connected clients, Alexis aims to strengthen the investigation community.

Get in control

Alexis helps in tracking exposure to regulatory fines and known exposures on your own portfolio, bringing forward any vulnerabilities you might be exposed in future. Regulators appreciate pro-activeness.

Core members

Some of the key members of our team who are helping in driving our mission to break silos within the ML/TF investigation community



Chief Technology Officer
Get things working in the cloud has been Alexander's expertise. He brings in his vast experience of cloud based technologies to ensure Alexis is not only secure (to handle sensitive data) but also leverages innovative cloud technologies.


Founder and CEO
He has been at the heart of ML/TF monitoring and investigations for over 16 years. He worked as a successful independent consultant in the past, but wanted to help the community at a larger scale. At Regxsa he is bringing together professionals with a common ambition, make a safer society.


Strategic Advisor
Holding key positions at Financial Institutions (last one at Rabobank as Head of Transaction Banking), Marco is assisting in driving our vision further.

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